The Odd Couple-Female Version

by Neil Simon

Its summertime and Stage 3 rolls out its considerable comic guns as the ladies take over in this gender bended tale of the world’s two most famous roommates who are absolutely, positively undeniably WRONG for each other.

Get a ringside seat as we give this reinvention of Neil Simon’s most famous play a whole new life. These new feminine masters of disaster, Olive and Florence, pick up where Oscar and Felix left off. Add to the mix a quirky quartet of zany friends and the outrageous Constanzuela brothers and you have a delicious comedy combo, a smorgasbord of silly, a fusion of funny that will have you howling.

“Very funny indeed.”, hailed the New York Times. “Refreshing…a new twist …spirit and energy” were a few of the adjectives added by The Los Angeles Times. USA Today pegged the play as “Endearing”.

Neat meets mess.
Just in case you don’t know the story, it’s simple. Two best friends, separated from their spouses, decide to share an apartment. Big mistake. You could not find a more mismatched pair. One’s a slob of epic proportions and one’s a compulsive neatnik. One’s a free spirit, the other is impossibly bottled up. Lucky for us, as the situation goes from bad to worse the hilarity goes higher and higher.

The fun of it.
“We’ve been wanting to do this play for a long time.” says Artistic Director Don Bilotti. “I love to laugh and sometimes you do projects just for the sheer fun of it. Two of our most talented comediennes, Sally McClellan and Maryann Curmi, had been looking for a vehicle to unleash their unique comic chemistry and this was perfect. Our entire cast is very strong. Each of them is capable of carrying a show individually but together they are absolute dynamite. We are having a great time and I think our audience is going to love this.”

The Cast
Sally McClellan has been delighting Stage 3 audiences for years. From the powerful queen in our hit production of “The Lion in Winter” to the goofy stage matriarch in “Inspecting Carol” her performances have been dazzling.

Maryann Curmi has more stage time on our boards than any other actor, and with good reason. She is ceaselessly creative and her work, both in comedy and drama, has become a perennial delight to our audience.

No situational comedy is complete without a great supporting cast and we have that with Sarah Grimes-Emmons, Terry Richardson, Sheila Doyle and Wendy Miller as the wisecracking friends we love to love.

Last but not least are David Narbona and Felix Perez as the Constanzuela brothers who almost steal the show as the dates from comic heaven.

Set design will be by Ron Cotnam, Lighting Design by Matthew Leamy and Costume design by Debbie Otts.

This production is made possible in part by Associate Producer Frank Diggle.

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The Odd Couple — Female Version,” which opened to a capacity audience Friday at Stage 3 Theatre Company in Sonora, is classic Neil Simon.

Filled with his trademark witty banter, innuendo and double-entendre, this play delivers plenty of laughs.

Sally McClellan is a natural as the disorganized Olive… Maryann Curmi has fun with the role of the prissy, compulsive Florence.

Terry Richardson, Sheila Doyle, Sarah Grimes-Emmons and Wendy Miller make the most of their supporting roles as the wise-cracking friends. Together, the women convey a sense of compassion and camaraderie. Richardson is especially amusing as the caring, but clueless Vera.

The arrival of the two (Costazuela) brothers provides some of the play’s funniest moments. As Manolo and Jesus, actors David Narbona and Félix Pérez Jr. strike just the right balance between charming and obtuse.

… a funny and entertaining evening of theater. And judging from the frequency and duration of the laughter, the audience certainly seemed to be having a good time.

The Union Democrat

Maryann Curmi, who plays the neurotic Florence, generates most of the humor with her drama-queen antics. More tightly wound than a military knot, she is constantly developing back and neck aches at inopportune times and honking her nose to clear her sinuses.

As tomboy Olive, Sally McLellan is brusque, bombastic and unconcerned with appearances… She also is a lot of fun…

Don Bilotti, who is directing Stage 3 Theatre's production, knows how to effectively present physical comedy and maintain a playful tone. Like the original, "The Odd Couple (Female Version)" is a feel-good play that leaves audiences happy and hopeful. Never mean-spirited, it is a celebration of friendship and an argument for tolerance of human weakness.

The Modest Bee

Cool off with a hot comedy this summer. Better roommates are hard to find.

Sally McClellan is the perfect Olive... Maryann Curmi is the perfect Flo… you’ll revel in their pinpoint timing and gracious acting with each other.

… the journey was so enjoyable and the rest of the cast is solid.

Don Bilotti’s direction shows through in subtleties this time, little flourishes here and there that give the show pizzazz. Virtually every scene has a load of laughs and the opening night sell-out crowd rewarded the actors with a boisterous ovation.

The Calaveras Enterprise

Neil Simon
Cast Members
Sally McClellan — Olive Madison
Maryann Curmi * — Florence Unger
Sheila Doyle — Renee
Sarah Grimes-Emmons — Mickey
Wendy Miller — Sylvie
Terry Richardson — Vera
David Narbona — Manolo Costazuela
Felix Perez — Jesus Costazuela
Crew Members
Susan Easley — Stage Manager
Robert Divinagracia — Assistant Stage Manager
Cisco Garcia — Lighting & Sound Technician
Don Bilotti
Debbie Otts — Costume Design
Ron Cotnam — Set Design
Matthew Leamy — Lighting Design
Associate Producer
Frank Diggle
Ron Cotnam — Set Construction & Painting
Brian Jackson — Set Construction & Painting