Elephant Man

by Bernard Pomerance

Stage 3 is proud to present this splendid, timeless, moving and utterly captivating work that won the Tony, Obie, Drama Desk and New York Drama Critics Circle awards for Best Play. It is imbued with a powerful humanity, humor and grace.

“The Elephant Man” is the true story of a man who whose body was hideously deformed but within was a remarkably funny, sensitive and intelligent being. John Merrick began his life as a side show freak and ended it as one of the most celebrated men in England. This is the story of that remarkable journey.

Directed by Stage 3 Artistic Director, Don Bilotti.


…the most powerful dramatic production unveiled in the region this year.

…Modesto actor David Braga wears no prosthetics or special makeup… proving himself one of the region's most valuable performers.

…As the doctor, Graham Scott Green etches a convincing portrait of a man who tries to do the right thing but is undermined by his arrogance.

…Director Don Bilotti skillfully combines old-Hollywood and avant-garde elements throughout the production.

…This is a show that theater fans long will remember after it closes. Bilotti has accomplished the elusive goal all serious theaters strive for: His production enlightens and entertains.

The Modesto Bee

Bernard Pomerance
Cast Members
David Braga — John Merrick
Graham Scott Green — Frederick Treves
Bill Zachman — Carr Gomm, Conductor
Doug Scott — Ross, Bishop Waltham How
Maryann Curmi * — Mrs. Kendall
Charles Keen — Pinhead Manager, Will, Lord John
Bev Woodland — Pinhead, Miss Sandwich, Countess
Wendy Miller — Pinhead, Princess Alexandra
Renee A'Dair — Pinhead, Duchess
Nathan J. Yeisley — Orderly, Policeman, Snork
Crew Members
Kel-lee Leamy — Stage Manager
Kel-lee Leamy — Lighting Technician
Cisco Garcia — Sound Technician
Don Bilotti
Diana Newington — Costume Design
Ron Cotnam — Set Design
Matthew Leamy — Lighting Design, Computer Images
Don Bilotti — Sound Design
Associate Producer
Frank Diggle
Denny Anderson — St. Phillips Model
Ron Cotnam — Set Construction & Painting
Chris Sutherst — Set Construction & Painting